Reader poll for best/worst L.A. sports-talk guy: Shall we call it a draw again — Papadakis leads both


When we tried this a year ago, Petros Papadakis garnered the most votes for both the best L.A. sports-talk host.

Why would that trend change?

In the poll we put up last week (linked here), Papadakis, who now does a syndicated show for Fox Sports Radio heard from 4-7 p.m. on KLAC-AM (570), drew 32 percent (174 votes) of the 543 total votes for the best host.

Runner-up Dave Smith of KLAA-AM (830) got enough friends (or perhaps himself) to vote 167 times and finish with 31 percent of the vote. A distant third was Papadakis’ co-host, Matt “Money” Smith with 50 votes (19 percent), whom he shares a billboard with around town that somehow doesn’t have PETA protesting.

On the worst poll, about half as many readers voted — 272 — with Papadakis taking 22 percent (59). That edged out Dave Denholm of KSPN-AM (710), who had 19 percent (52 votes). Smith’s morning partner at KLAA, Roger Lodge, was third worst with 11 percent (30 votes).

A year ago, Papadakis got 67 of the 395 total votes (16.9 percent) for the best sports-talk host of L.A., ahead of Joe McDonnell (60 for 15 percent) and Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton (14 percent).

You still want to keep voting? Click yourselves out.

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