Our Daily Dread: Erin Andrews … there, that just gave us 15 more visitors

The next important question she asks a coach on the sidelines, courtside or in the dugout at a Little League game will be the first.

Yet, as a cultural media icon, Erin Andrews’ stock continues to soar despite all natural checks and balances in the system of good taste and fine dining. The only disappointment is her Wikipedia entry is hardly worthy of her achievements in cyberspace (linked here).

ESPN’s mam-nificent microphone holder won her second consecutive Playboy Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year award in reader online voting this week (linked here). If she ever decided to pose for the men’s entertainment periodical, the Internet could very well crash under its own URL. Porn sites would be shut down for three days, and eBay would be auctioning off 8×10 signed photos of the stuff from the editor’s cut.

Then there’s a piece circulating about what Erin would like for Valentine’s Day — not candy, you stupid stalker, but flowers (linked here).

A year ago, Andrews won The Big Lead’s 2008 third annual Cultural Tournament (linked here) — that’s taking 64 culturally important things from that point, from “God” to “Mike Lupica’s ego” to “Barry Obama” to the “Cloverfield Monster” and having them play off in a bracket. Andrews was an eighth seed before she beat “The Office” in the semifinals and outlasted Jessica Simpson in the final. For ’09, let’s see if she’s got the goods to defeat Michael Phelps’ bong, planes that land in the Hudson River and Blagojevich’s bangs.

The Power of an Erin Andrews Mention on Any Sports Blog feels like the days when Cindy Margolis claimed to be the Queen of the Internet, the most searched and downloaded and uplinked and … whatever … woman on the planet. And, in the grand scheme of our creator’s sense of humor, Andrews is falling into that Margolis rabbit hole. It’s an upside down world of seeing just how many pictures you can find of her eating a submarine sandwich on the sidelines, wearing a tight pair of pants at Pauley Pavilion, or giving some little wide-eyed kid a chance to brag to his friends that he talked to someone on TV who his dad really thinks is hotter than mom by a bazillion.

If Andrews approachs you during a game to snatch a bite of pizza and “share the sugar,” your life could be complete:

We’ll see where this train wreck takes us. For that, we keep linking and thinking there’ll be an end to this in a very ugly manner. Where have you gone, Jill Arrington? She won the first Playboy Sexiest Sportscaster Poll in 2000, which SI called the season’s second-most discussed survey, after the presidental election.

Think about where Arrington’s career went when you surmise where Erin’s will be in eight years.

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