The Media Learning Curve: Feb. 6-13

We probably did more homework on the Internet this week, turning in term papers and taking an endless amount of pop quizzes at the Media Learning Center (soon to be an Annex if we get the right funding).

Among that is:

== A look back at all the bad stuff we wrote about KTLA’s Damon Andrews (linked here), and that was before we found out Thursday that he leaving town to work for Comcast in the Bay Area.

== SI’s Jeff Pearlman is creeped out by this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue (linked here).

== SI’s Jeff Pearlman also has a problem with Peter Gammons not defending Selena Roberts in the A-Rod story, and it goes back to when Gammons didn’t defend him while interviewing John Rocker (linked here). The blog entry’s headline: “Peter Gammons is the Larry King of sports” … says it all. Gammons responds to (linked here). New York’s Newsday Philip Bondy also has a problem with Gammons’ lack of defending Roberts (linked here). Roberts defended herself on Dan Patrick’s radio show (linked here).

== The New York Times claims it was about to break open the A-Rod story as well before Roberts, its former employee who happens to be working on a book about the Yankees star, cracked the case (linked here).

== ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt had to sit out a show because of his five-minute rant against MLB commissioner Bud Selig, and we hate reporting this because it makes him sound like he’s been wronged and First Amendent, etc. But the self-proclaimed SVP has to answer to someone. He apparently apologized directly to Selig for his diatribe (it’s above) and now we find out that ESPN and had a big announcement to make this week as well, so his commentary was completely ill-timed. (linked here)

== Another Oklahoma State coach has a problem with what he’s saying on TV … this time, it’s caught on audio, and he’s sorry (linked here).

== A 48-year-old sportswriter in Grand Rapids, Mich., had a high electric bill because it seemed to spike every 12 hours. Now we know why: He didn’t use enough weed killer on his, ahem, lawn (linked here)

== Why did J.A. Adande give up his “Around the Horn” spot to Lil’ Wayne? To show more of his street cred, and ensure he’d win for a change:

== Charles Barkley’s return to TNT … not this weekend (linked here) And more on TNT’s coverage from Phoenix (linked here)

== Fox has a new cartoon. About a gopher. It’s related to NASCAR. Your kids should not be allowed to watch it. (linked here).

== ESPN has all summer to figure out whether Jamal Anderson will come back to its “First Take” studio show (linked here). And does the time that the former Atlanta Falcons’ running back spent at ESPN really define his career? (linked here)

== KFWB has its Angels deal; Prime Ticket has its Dodgers’ schedule figured out (linked here).

== The play “McGuire,” written by Dick Enberg, finally arrives in Southern California — April 9-12 in North Hollywood (linked here)


== KNBC Channel 4’s Fred Roggin has issues with the music used during commercial breaks (linked here).

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