OMG: We apologize — You gotta have Hartman as the real bestest sportscaster in the entire world of L.A.! :)


It shouldn’t take more than an unscientific poll that can be manipulated through an email blast to all the pals of an befuddled sports-talk show host/weekend TV sports anchor to make us admit we were dead wrong about the value of Steve Hartman to the Los Angeles media market.

After posting last week’s poll asking readers to vote for their favorite and least favorite L.A. anchor/reporter/studio analyst (linked here), the results show …

No, wait, there’s been a change. So, never mind about that headline above.


Whereas Hartman did have the lead at one point Thursday afternoon, we now must reveal that as of 7 p.m. on this 19th day of February in the year 200-and-9, it’s Petros Papadakis — he of the Fred Roggin “Challenge” and Prime Ticket’s “Gauntlet” — who has surpassed Hartman, the sidekick on KCBS Channel 2 originally named SportsCentral, with 147 of the 374 posted votes (39 percent) for the best overall dude. Hartman has unceremoniously fallen to second with 29 percent. Jim Hill is a distant third with 15 percent of the votes.

Still, with that strong a showing, it must be true: Hartman is full of No. 2.

As for who garnished the most response to be king of the worst TV dudes? Again, it’s Papadakis over Hartman, 34 percent (52 of the 153 votes) to a meager 12 percent.

Which means, in the two polls we’ve put up so far, Papadakis is both the best, and worst, sports-talk show host and TV studio analyst in all of L.A. He’ll be on the ballot again, for game analyst, early tomorrow. Can he make it three-for-three?

If you know of his play-by-play talents, let us know. We can also include him on the final week’s ballot.

Of course, the poll for this TV sportscaster poll isn’t closed. It’ll never be finished, for that matter. Meaning anyone still has time to mobilize the troops, Twitter the nitwits and scream from his rooftop until their hair plugs burst into an embarassment of flames.

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  • Old School

    Hartman has a face made for radio, and a voice made for silent movies.

  • para’s

    Hartman WAS entertaining on 570 when the Loose Cannons met up with Petros and Money for their “Fusion” segment. But that’s history now and L.A.’s sports talk radio is in the dump. What a shame.

  • goodtalk

    tom, tom, tom what do you have against the whole world? there is room for all kinds and if you are so inspired by how much you dislike people’s efforts go out and be the best sports radio person effort. since you are fully aware of everyone else’s inabilities and lack of skills you should be able to perform better than them all.