The joy of Rex: When with Rome, keep the streak alive


Those listening to Jim Rome’s syndicated sports-talk show (locally, KLAC-AM 570 from 9 a.m. to noon) understand what the headline above means.

Seven shows in a row that Rome has hosted (taking Monday off for President’s Day) have included a guest named Rex. First, by accident. Now, through careful consideration and focus.

Starting a week ago on Wednesday:

== Wednesday, Feb. 11, No. 1:Rex Chapman (linked here), former Kentucky basketball great and NBA player now co-VP of player personnel with the Denver Nuggets. Knew more about Rome’s stake in thoroughbred horses than the host seemed to.

== Thursday, Feb. 12, No. 2: Rex Ryan (linked here), son of Buddy Ryan, new head coach of the New York Jets.

== Friday, Feb. 13, No. 3: Red Hudler (linked here), the Angels’ TV analyst and former big-leaguer, who has a new autobiography out called “Splinters” that’s for sale on his Web site.

== Tuesday, Feb. 17, No. 4: Rex Walters (linked here), former Kansas basketball standout, played in the NBA, now coaching USF, a rival of LMU and Pepperdine in the WCC.

== Wednesday, Feb. 18, No. 5: Rex Lee (linked here), plays Ari Gold’s assistant, Lloyd, in HBO’s “Entourage”

== Thursday, Feb. 19, No. 6: Rex Peters (linked here), head basketball coach at UC Davis, a former Dodgers draft pick, Cal State Fullerton grad and Chapman University head coach. Not to be confused with Rex Chapman.

== Friday, Feb. 20, No. 7: Rex Hoggard (linked here), a senior writer for with the column “On Second Thought.” He dropped the word “capricious” that had all the listeners impressed.

“Rex No. 8 is booked for Monday; I won’t jinx it by mentioning it now,” Rome said as he signed off today’s show. “I’m focused on DiMaggio’s streak. On Ripken’s streak. On UCLA’s streak. On the Lakers’ streak.”

Not part of the streak yet, despite listener suggestions:

== Rex Grossman, (linked here) Chicago Bears current backup QB.

== Wreckx-N-Effect, a swing hip-hop group from the early ’90s (linked here)

Got a favorite Rex who’ll work here? Comment, fool.

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  • circlejerk

    I wonder if Rome’s epic staff has heard of google or the internet for that matter … How could anyone miss NFL offensive lineman Rex Hadnot ? He played with the Browns in 2008 and with the Dolphins for a few seasons before that.