The Media Learning Curve: Feb. 13-20

We were preoccupied with many other things this week, and media-related stuff wasn’t in the course guide so much. Maybe it was that President’s Day sale at Circuit City that short-circuited our week.


You mean, it was a going-out-of-bidness sale? No wonder someone offered me a spool of cable with every beat-up floor model TV stand I’d purchase on that day. I just through the guy in the red shirt was being cool for a change and not making a hard sale.

While I go back to brouse through the DVDs and see how many more copies of “Who’s Your Caddy?” I can get with this promo code, link over to these places to find more of what you may have missed along the way:

== The new ESPN Radio lineup in L.A. starts March 16, with more Mason and Ireland and no Tirico and Van Pelting Us With Rocks and Garbage (linked here).

== Tennis Channel, on the cutting edge of social justice (linked here).

== Golf Channel, on the cutting edge of proving Charles Barkley knows how to swing (linked here). Meanwhile, Sir Chuck admits to the ‘Tard: I like to drink (linked here via this link at

== Oh, how edgy: gives Lil Wayne a blog; he gives his arm an ESPN tat (linked here).

== How edgy is, ready in April to be a stand-alone provider of all that is Chi-town sports? (linked here).

== Would we have to talk you off the ledge if you had to pay ESPN for the right to read Rick Reilly and/or Bill Simmons? (linked here). Why, because you’re a free-downloader?

== ESPN’s ombudsperson says, from her view, the Feb. 9 Gammons/A-Rod interview last week was hardly the makings of Frost/Nixon (linked here). She also notes: “Rumors of my departure have been premature. My term as ombudsman ends soon, by mutual prearrangement, but there will be a column next month, and if it is my last, I will say a proper goodbye.”

== A guy at the Washington Post thinks women need more play-by-play opportunities (linked here).

== Sports Illustrated took the time to photoshop out Danica Patrick’s tattoo from her backside before she was presentable to appear in the swimsuit issue (linked here and linked here). And they finally explain why (linked here).

== Tiger Woods’ new family photo, one where the Swedecaublianasian makes its world debut (linked here).

== Fox may give NFL studio analyst Michael Strahan his own sit-com? (linked here) Why, because Terry Bradshaw passed?

== Here’s a good rumor to spread around about an ESPN sideline reporter and a D-I basketball coach (linked here).

== More to know about CBS’ coverage of the PGA event at Riviera Country Club this weekend (linked here).

== Neil Everett and Stan Verrett, get the boo-yah outta Bristol, Conn., ASAP. Your rent has come due in L.A. (linked here).

== We could retype out all the MLB Network and ESPN schedules for the upcoming World Baseball Classic, but it’s easier to send you here (linked here).

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