The Media Learning Curve: Beyond what the analyst will tell you of the local golf and NASCAR events this weekend


We’re pleased to report the 11-year-old daughter of Angels TV analyst Mark Gubicza is on her way to a normal, healthy life after her recent surgery to try to prevent more seizures.

Rory Markas, Gubicza’s broadcaster partner on the FSWest and KCOP Channel 13 games, knows far too much about brain surgery, having had his for a stroke last November, right before Ashley Gubicza had her proceedure.

And as you can see here, Markas, on the right looking like Jerry Doggett, and Gubicza know how to keep things light. This was during the Angels’ ’70s Night promotion last May. Gubicza looks as if he’s going to help Starsky and/or Hutch make a bust. We fear that Rory actually had that stuff in his closet and didn’t have to look more than a couple of minutes to decide how he was going to deck himself out that night.

The story in today’s print editions (linked here) has the best and worst of the L.A. analysts, so there’s no real surprises other than … naw, there’s no real shockers if you’ve seen the list the previous 17 years. A couple have unfortunately dropped off — Mike Montgomery went back to coaching basketball at Stanford, so he’s no longer doing USC games fo Prime Ticket, and Jerry Reuss’ services are no longer needed with the Dodgers’ radio team on the 40-game road package.

Some of the other things you’ll need to know if you’re trying to keep up with all that’s out there this weekend:

== Rain forcast for Sunday may mess — again — with NASCAR’s 2009 season. After Matt Kenseth won his washed-out Daytona 500 last week, the California Auto Club Speedway in Fontana takes on the AutoClub 500 on Sunday (Channel 11, 2 p.m.. Kenseth won the race in ’06 and ’07.
Chris Myers is the prerace host with Jeff Hammond and Darrell Waltrip. Mike Joy calls the event with Waltrip and Larry McReynolds, turning to the Dick Berggren, Steve Byrnes, Krista Voda and Matt Yocum in the pits.
Saturday, Fox has the NASCAR Truck Series’ San Bernardino County 200 (Channel 11, noon), with Joy, Waltrip and McReynolds.

== NBC is using Paul Sunderland, Tim Daggett, Elfi Schlegel and Andrea Joyce to cover the American Cup gymnastics event from Hoffman Estates, Ill., (Saturday, 1-3 p.m., Channel 4).

== The latest HBO Sports doc, “Battle for Tobacco Road: Duke vs. Carolina,” debuts Monday at 9 p.m. with many replays. Among those interviewed to talk about the Blue Devils and Tar Heels’ hoops rivalry are, of course, Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and Dean Smith, plus Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Charlie Scott, Larry Brown, Phil Ford, Mitch Kupchak, Grant Hill, Jay Bilas, Alaa Abdlenaby, Mike Gminski, Johnny Dawkins, Brian Davis, J.J. Redick, Jeff Capel and Christian Laettner. HBO’s own Jim Lampley, a North Carolina grad, also puts in his buck-thirty-five cents.


== From The Onion Sports (story linked here):

Scott Boras Able To Get Manny Ramirez $20 Billion In Economic Stimulus Money

WASHINGTON–After a series of closed-door talks, Scott Boras, the agent known for representing the highest-paid players in baseball, set another record for the game’s largest contract when he finalized Manny Ramirez’s $20 billion agreement with the United States federal government on Thursday.

“Manny’s .396 batting average last season with the Dodgers, as well as his playoff performance, proved that he is as important to this country as infrastructure projects, health care, and renewable energy development,” Boras said during an interview, adding that Ramirez is especially satisfied with the indefinite length of the contract.

“He’s promised to cut 47 hours of antics this year and to make necessary attitude adjustments in order to remain solvent. Any criticism Manny receives for this contract is simply what comes with getting a huge amount of money from the government during a time of crisis.”

A clause in the contract states Ramirez could receive an additional $6 billion if he successfully saves the American auto industry.

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