More on Hank Gathers


In reference to Sunday’s column on Loyola High players Jordan Gathers and Nick Lucenti (linked here), a followup to the blog posting we began last Tuesday (linked here), author Kyle Keiderling dropped a note to say he’s coming out with a book this November called “Heart of a Lion: The life, death and legacy of Hank Gathers.”

Keiderling wrote the 2005 book about the life story of Bevo Francis (linked here) — who in the 1950s scored 100 points in a game twice for tiny Rio Grande College in Ohio.

Keiderling is also constructing a website — — where pre- publication copies may be reserved.

And, yes, for those who remember — a 1992 made-for-TV movie called “Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story” has been available on DVD (linked here). Nell Carter plays Gather’s mom, Lucille, and George Kennedy plays Gathers’ Philadelphia-based priest, Father Dave.

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