Our Daily Dread: More people at Whit’s end


Reaction to yesterday’s “Daily Dread” blog post (linked here) on how Mike Whitmarsh dealt with his demons will touch more than we care to think about. On many levels.

Rather than rant on about something else that really, is just about sports, an email I received from someone who seems to have benefitted from reading the post yesterday, which was turned into a column in today’s South Bay Daily Breeze (linked here) and will be updated to appear in Wednesday’s L.A. Daily News:

Very nice column. Very classy and touching. Thanks for writing it.

When I read about Whit last week I was taken back. One would think that a Gold medal winner, AVP champion, a nice house, seemingly no money worries with a wife – albeit
in trouble evidently – and two daughters would basically have the world by the tail.

If I had the chance to talk with him beforehand that is what I would have said.

But I am on the opposite end of the scale. I used to work in sports administration. Just turned 60. Haven’t had a full time job in a year. Can’t get a decent paying job worth my experience. I am “over qualified” for most. Others, i.e., young bucks, are scared because they think I’ll take their jobs. Now applying for minimum wage jobs.

After 39 years and eight months of a spotless credit history my credit report is ruined and has cost me one job at least. I can’t climb out via minimum wage jobs.

I’ve got no money left to pay rent this Sunday. No family. No pension. No where to turn. No future.

I am where Whit was but at the other end.

Sports teams are laying off employees just like everyone else. Nothing seems to be recession proof.

Many of us are literally at Whit’s end.

Again, don’t end it that way. Talk it out. Find a friend who’ll listen more than talks and offers advice.

There are many services available at local churches — free — that deal with all kinds of emotional needs and have referral services.

Personally, I’ve been down that dark alley before. Almost hauntingly like the one Whitmarsh faced last week. A divorce that involves kids is horrible on many levels, no matter how “easy” it may seem.

It’s not as simple as popping a couple of Prozac and feeling better.

Imagine the poor among us who’ve been knocked down even lower on the dignity chain because of all this.

Grind it out. Don’t grind ourself out because of something that seems hopeless.

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