Coming Friday: The last of the best/worst of L.A. sportscasters, and a name you should know

i-895d96156b5f3e32052061b585b608b4-doing MSU hoops game.JPG

Jeff Lasky, play-by-play man of the Lancaster JetHawks, is the focus of the feature story that goes with the list of the Top 10/Bottom 5 rankings of those who describe the live game action for L.A. sports viewers and listeners. The 28-year-old Chaminade High grad works his springs and summers doing the JetHawks on radio and the Internet and his falls and winters in Bozeman, Montana, with the Montana State football and basketball teams.

And he doesn’t make a fortune doing it, as you may imagine.

So why continue? Why not.


Read more about it tomorrow. Here’s a shot of Jeff with Fred Willard during a JetHawks broadcast a couple of years ago. Yes, it’s completely out of context, but if you get a chance to have him on as guest to do some play calling that we wish we could hear somewhere on a podcast, how do you pass on it?

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