Know a Newbo?

Flip over to CNBC today at 6 and 11 p.m. for a show called “Newbos: The Rise of America’s New Black Overclass,” a one-hour documentary about how more young black multimillionaires are coming out of, all places, sports. As well as media and entertainment. And making a difference rather than just collecting a paycheck.

Reporter Lee Hawkins coined the term “Newbo” based on his forthcoming book with the same title.


Among those captured here are Torii Hunter, LeBron James and Terrell Owens. Their connection: They’re “contradicting old-guard leaders who assert that Newbos offer little to the black community as a whole,” as Hawkins said.

“Newbos exposes and chronicles the experiences and insights of these men and women as they move from relative poverty to fantastic wealth at a very young age,” says the CNBC release. “Hawkins examines how the Newbos’ unconventional paths to success have become blueprints for broader independence and entrepreneurship, and how this segment of black society has a disproportionately heavy influence over millions of people.

“Hawkins turns the spotlight on some of the nation’s highest profile athletes and entertainers and asks them — How exactly have they built their brands and their businesses? Does their fame and status insulate them from the problems of the broader black community? Do they feel they have a responsibility to the rest of black America? How important are social awareness and charitable involvement? What do they think about Barack Obama? Will they rise to the challenges and opportunities that accompany their wealth and fame or will they squander their clout in frivolity?”

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