The Dodgers can knock $10,000 off the Man-Ram deal without feeling guilty


The Associated Press

Manny Ramirez, Ray Borque, Peter Gammons and the New England Patriots are among the 40,000 businesses, individuals and charities to have unclaimed money or property being held by Massachusetts.

The new list of unclaimed property issued Thursday by the state’s Abandoned Property Division totaled $30 million in forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks and contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes, the office of Treasurer Tim Cahill said Thursday.

The list includes 13 accounts over $100,000 and 32 accounts between $50,000 and $100,000.

Ramirez’s agent completed the claims process last summer to retrieve a $10,000 Reebok Corp. check that had languished.

Gammons, who the treasurer’s office said has almost $13,000 in unclaimed property, said in an e-mail to The Associated Press that he was surprised to hear about the money.

“But then,” Gammons said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Manny had $7M out there.”

Bourque had more than $2,200 in unclaimed property, according to the treasurer’s office.

The Patriots were not aware of the unclaimed property. Team spokesman Stacey James said the organization would look into it.

The Abandoned Property Division has returned over $290 million since Cahill took office in 2003, the treasurer’s office said. The database (linked here), built over several years, has more than eight million accounts totaling over $1 billion. The new names will be published in local newspapers around the state in March.

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