Our Daily Dread: Months to go before he sleeps


Playing catchup:

== A huge mea culpa: The name of the Lancaster JetHawks’ play-by-play man who I featured in Friday’s paper, Jeff Lasky, was misspelled. I’ve fixed it in the version that’s on the website. I can’t fix the version that went to press. That’s a cardinal sin of newspaper journalism.

== A minor mea culpa: The reference to Nick Nickson in his Top 10 reference mentioned an anecdote about his wife, Jennifer. That was actually his sister. His wife’s name is Carolyn. I should know that. Thanks to those who pointed it out. Again, I’ve fixed that in the web site story version. I’ve met her on several occasions. I took that story from LARadio.com and it didn’t register in my head of the mistake.

== An appended mea culpa to the item above (check the comment box). The original spelling of “anecdote” was butchered. Gotta check the perscription on my Tic Tacs to make sure I’m running on all cylinders these days.

== An even more minor mea cupla:

I made the mistake of listening to 2 minutes and 20 seconds of Andy Rooney’s weekly rambling essay on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” The topic is reported to be his take on the different months of the year.
There were some sports reference in there, so I don’t feel it’s out of context for mentioning in here (a link to it here).

The Super Bowl and the Oscars get big ratings every year, so television loves both of them. They ought to move one of those to August though because there’s not much on television in August.

OK, I get it. A whimsical joke. I only get that because the camera went from a farther away shot to a closeup. To make sure you knew there was a change in tone. I actually heard this first on the radio — it is simulcast on KNX-AM (1070) between 7 and 8 p.m. on Sunday nights. I was in the car, so I didn’t get that visual effect. Now I see it. I’m even more puzzled, but …

There are a few things that begin in September of course and I like those. The beginning of the television season, the beginning of the football season for example but like everything else, they’re moving up the football season. Football used to start in October. Now it starts before the baseball World Series are over.

Is this news to him? Who is the “they” that’s been moving things up? Would it be the TV networks, like the one he’s working for? And the reason the baseball World Series ends so late isn’t because of football starting earlier, you realize? It’s because … never mind.
Actually, college football now seems to start in August. Maybe because there’s nothing on TV in August. But that’s another essay for another day …

Should that be World Series IS over or World Series ARE over?

Is, you nitwit.

I live in New York and I prefer living where the weather changes like it does here. We have hot weather in the summer but we have ice and snow in the winter. That’s the way it ought to be.
Los Angeles has in-between weather all year long if that appeals to you. Movies made in the big studios are a lot like the weather in Hollywood – the same.
Something I’ve always wondered is whether or not they sell more clothes in New York stores because of the cold weather than they do in Los Angeles where it’s more apt to be warm all year long. I doubt it. The thing you have to remember is, most people don’t wear clothes to keep warm. For instance, “warm” is not the issue when women get dressed. I wear the same suit all year long.

And the same script, it appears.

That awkward segue above should have been sponsored by any medication with cholinesterase inhibitors. It’s what doctors attempt to give patients with Alzheimer’s, since there’s no real way to stop or slow its progression, according to the medical field.
This is in no way to misconstrued as a way to belittle anyone suffering from this maddening disease, or anyone who is dealing with a person close to them who is.
But there is a TV expiration date on Andy Rooney that someone at the network ought to check. It’s now past.

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  • fasolamatt

    Of course, you mean anecdote, not antedote. An antedote is what you need after listening to a USC football radiocast. OK, that’s actually an antidote.