Rome and the Rex-aholics: No. 20 on the launching pad


A freakin’ astronaut will keep the streak alive, moondoggie.

Jim Rome’s string of guys named Rex appearing on his syndicated radio show will hit No. 20 on Wednesday — if astronaut Rex Walheim (linked here, pictured above) makes the connection, as has been arranged through NASA representatives.

It’s one giant leap for Rexkind. As the SpaceShuttle Discovery is scheduled to lift tomorrow.

“It doesn’t get any better than that,” said Rome.

The others who have showed up this week so far:


==Monday, March 9, No. 18: Rex Norris, (left) defensive line coach for the Toronto Argonauts (linked here)


==Tuesday, March 10, No. 19: Rex Kendle, (right) Michigan State senior wrestler in the 165-pound category (linked here)

The official list (linked here) and Kyle Brandt has a beard to show how long the streak has been going (linked here)

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