The Rome/Rex streak is over with a walkoff blast … unless it continues Thursday


One month after the streak of having a guy named Rex appear on his syndicated radio show for an interview, Jim Rome officially declared it over after Rex No. 20, astronaut Rex Walheim, made an appearance on Wednesday’s episode.

“I don’t know how it gets any better,” Rome said after talking to Walheim. “He’s one of the best interviews we ever had. If I keep the streak going, will I be like Willie Mays stumbling around in center field? I don’t want to stay too long and water it down.

“I’m pulling the plug. It’s over. It can only get worse.”


So, with the walk-off Rex, Rome had the song “One Shining Moment” play as he ran down the list of 20 Rexs who appeared with him in the chair, going back to Feb. 11.

“The streak is over. It’s done at 20. Good night now,” Rome signed off Wednesday.

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Wel played, Rexes… You’ll all go down in history for what you’ve accomplished.

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