Arbogast, talking about how he could have got tail on the road (not even sloppy seconds) but turned it down, what’s important with penis size and denying gay sex with Paul McDonald

And that’s only in the first couple minutes of his appearance on Jim “The Poorman” Trenton’s LuvCh@t online show at this link:


Believe it or not, taking Pete Arbogast’s entire body of work into account, this is probably the most degrading, embarassing thing he’s ever done.

This is a guy who takes pride in coaching youth sports? Something just doesn’t feel quite right here.

“Ladies, does performance matter more than size, can I have a show of hands?” Arbo asks on the show sponsored by a male enhancement drink and a company that sells sex toys.

No response yet from those who employ him as the play-by-play voice of USC football on radio. Perhaps they’re still trying to figure out how to deftly handle this. Or ignoring it as much as usual.

By the way, Arbogast is no longer doing his online talk show for the USC website, so maybe that’s why he has this free time available.

There’s even video later of Arbogast’s wife coming on to talk about their love life and his favorite sexual position, with her teenaged son making an appearance during the sex talk.

“Let’s just say it’s a number,” Arbo interjects when the wife is asked about his favorite sex act.

Later, there’s a “tripod” reference he makes about the penis-enlargement drink that sponsors the show.

Yes, it gets creepier and creepier as the show moves forward.

If Petros Papadakis, who has hosted and appeared on KROQ’s “Loveline,” does this stuff, it’s kinda entertaining. He’ll actually make some interesting relationship observations, which makes his “Lance Romance” spots work on his KLAC show.

But with Arbo trying to look cool here… egads. Does no one give him career advice? Does he think it’s just a small webshow that no one will see — because there’s no way to find it and email around to others who’ll be equally disturbed by hearing about his preverted attitudes about sex.

“If you don’t clean yourself (down there), you’re gonna smell bad, duh,” he later says in something much more tame.

Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff you’d hear Vin Scully talking about with his free time.

There’s too much more to even transcribe it. Listen and watch for your own strange entertainment. You’ll never get that hour back of your life.

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  • SportsRadio101

    Tom it’s funnt how your just obsessed with attacking this guy, but you seem to have a man-crush on Joe McDonnell! Now that guy is a fat loser!!!!

  • Carl Little

    Please take this down it is misrepresentative of everyone involved. Coach Pete gives of himself so much, to have my kids Google him for a school report and have this come up is wrong. If the writer really knew Pete and his family and how much they give back to the community he wouldn’t represent him this way. Right, maybe, well these days probably not, mud slinging seems to be what some build their reputation upon. Go do the good work and stop making a life based on your opinions of others.