Yo, Normie, glad to see you back at the bar … uh, Laker pregame


Forget, for a second, how Fox Sports West has yet to explain why, less than 16 hours after he was released from jail for an alleged Driving Under the Influence charge in Marina del Rey, Norm Nixon was allowed to appear in his studio analyst role on the pre- and post-game studio show around Tuesday’s Lakers-76ers telecast.

Tonight, Nixon was back on again for the Lakers’ pregame show, without mention of his DUI arrest.

“Let’s talk about the other night,” co-host Bill Macdonald said at the start of the broadcast, looking at Nixon.

No, not about the fact that you were driving your Ferrari bad enough to attract the CHP (hey, gotta have a front license plate, dude) and have them detect enough alcohol on your breath to do a field sobriety test. Or how you were released from jail at 3:30 a.m. after posting a $5,000 bond — enough time to get a nap, wash up and get to Staples Center for the Lakers’ pregame.

No one at FSN will answer any questions about allowing Nixon to go on the air, other than referring questions to Nixon’s legal people.

In light of how TNT handled Charles Barkley after his recent DUI led to a three-day prison stay, FSN is hardly getting ahead of this story and is simply sending a head-in-the-sand mixed message.

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