The Media Learning Curve: March 13-20


Why all the fuss about how President Obama’s NCAA Tournament chart rises and falls this first week (linked here)?

Does his guessing who’ll win the whole deal reflect his ability to run the country? Or does the teams he have going to the Final Four really reveal how much he knows — and should be spending less time messing with since there are bigger AIG fish to fry these days?

On Day 1, Obama had 11 of the 16 games right, but his Sweet 16 was still in tact. Barely. Cal State Northridge almost messed that one up. Then he really would have known where the San Fernando Valley was on the map.

Is he really snubbing all the California teams because he knows he’ll win the state in the next election anyway, and no one will remember?


While we’re still laughing at the fact that Jay Bilas screamed “HEY NOW!” after VCU’s Larry Sanders had a key block down the stretch in Thursday’s game against UCLA, we’re also interested to see what we failed to absorb at the Media Learning Center (not sponsored by the male enlargement drink that the Poorman peddles on his LuvCh@t webcast that Pete Arbogast couldn’t resist guesting on this week):

== What will Arbo’s career tombstone read? The Poorman has handed him a shovel, and USC’s play-by-play guy on radio for football games began to bury himself again (linked here). And that’s not even taking into consideration the fact he rushed the Staples Center floor after USC defeated Arizona State on Sunday and tried to cut down the nets.

== When Andy Katz isn’t wasting Obama’s time, the ESPN lawn ornament is still trying to chase down Bobby Braswell, who’s in the wrong court (linked here).

== We’re sad to see ESPN’s ombudswoman end her run — she made far too much sense (linked here).

== What if Fox sold off the rights to the 2009 Bowl Championship Series to ESPN a year earlier, since the Rose Bowl is hosting the next championship game — which is already in Disney territory? Check out Mr. College Football’s self-created rumor take on it (linked here).

== More on FSN’s “Sports Science,” which has a bunch more cool things to blow out starting Sunday (linked here).

== C’mon, Plaschke (linked here)

== More info on Spike Lee’s documentary about Kobe Bryant, and when you can not only see it, but buy it (linked here)


== From the Onion, about the best way to make money these days (linked here)

Getting Randomly Picked To Make Half-Court Shots Now Best Way To Earn Living

WASHINGTON–A new study released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Tuesday confirmed that the most dependable source of income for American workers in the current economic climate is to win a novelty contest in which one must successfully shoot a basketball from half-court.
“After factoring in the odds of your ticket number being called while attending a game, the median dollar value awarded, and the athletic ability of the average American citizen, and cross-referencing these data with employment forecasts and current job-security indices, we have determined that half-court shooting contests are currently the most effective way to support a family of four,” the report read in part.
“While this may seem like dire news, keep in mind that the consolation prize for missing the shot usually includes a food item from the concession stand.”
The report cited several other possible methods of securing a livelihood, including 50-50 raffles, lotto scratch-offs, and inventing YouTube.


== From The Onion, about an idiot dog from the Iditarod (linked here):

Stumbling, Bumbling Sled Dog: ‘Sorry, This Is My First Iditarod’

PUNTILLA LAKE, AK–After running directly into the grandstands during the Iditarod’s ceremonial start and veering 55 miles off course late Tuesday to chase a marmot, Siberian husky and rookie sled dog Melvin apologized to his musher and fellow canines Wednesday for making a complete fool of himself in the early stages of the annual 1,150-mile race.
“First Iditarod jitters, I guess,” the visibly contrite Melvin told reporters Wednesday at the Rainy Pass checkpoint. “I feel like such a moron. Here I am in the last great race on earth and I’m blowing it. I mean, 100 times out of 100, when my musher yells, ‘Gee,’ I turn right. But yesterday I go left down an icy slope into a bunch of evergreens and nearly break everyone’s neck.”
“I have to pull it together,” added the dog, making a point of directly addressing his musher, two-time Iditarod champion Lance Mackey. “I’m sorry, Lance. I’m acting like an idiot out there.”

Although …

We may be more partial to this story from The Onion Sports: (linked here)

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