More on sports and spirituality


When we attended this Religious Education Conference in Anaheim last month, inspired to write about the “Amazing Grace” of sports based on information we assmiliated from a Catholic thelogian’s point of view about sports and spirituality (story linked here, with a blog post linked here), we also ran into a priest from USC who wanted the session’s lecturer, Dr. Richard Gaillardetz, to contact him.

“I’d like to pass this onto Pete Carroll,” the priest said.

He also mentioned an upcoming “Sports and Spiritualty” night that the USC Catholic Center was going to sponsor.

That’s happening Wednesday, from the information we’ve found on the USC Catholic Trojan website (linked here).

Olympian John Naber, two-time Olympic silver medalist and USC alum who also works for ABC Sports, will moderate a panel that includes fellow Olympians Dwight Stones, Brian Goodell and Mark Crear to share their stories about “being in the zone”; virtues of sports; discipline – “forcing your body”; and praying and meditating before competition.

Sounds very uplifting.

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