The Media Learning Curve: March 20-27

Skating through some more media stuff we’ve learned along the way, mostly through Google searches, and without Dick Button’s analysis:

== “Gosh, we’re gonna say a prayer there …” and that would be USC volleyball director of operations Nikki Allen spiking herself in this TV interview (from

== A new DirecTV deal with the NFL, who appease the cable companies by throwing them the Red Zone channel … plus the network games to start the ’09 season (linked here).

== Keith Olbermann , baseball nerd, now blogs for MLB Network (linked here). At least it’s a subject he knows about. He offered up this one recently after a trip to Glendale, Ariz.:

“It’s not like the Dodgers managed to turn the wind off as (Randy) Wolf shut down a Texas lineup that included Josh Hamilton on two hits over six (six strikeouts). The positioning of the otherwise splendid new park the Blue share with the White Sox appears to have been done in the dark. The sun will not let up on the batters; the batters’ eye in centerfield is about half standard size, and the Dodgers’ bullpen is uncovered and does not see shade until nearly sunset. The players have less of a chance of being grilled than do Dodger Dogs.”

== Bill Raftery ain’t such a weird guy (linked here and linked here).

== Write what you will about drinkin’ ‘n’ smokin’ ‘n’ partyin’ John Daly … as long as it’s true (linked here)

== How the “Dancing With The Stars” reality show almost got too real for one athlete (not Lawrence Taylor) (linked here)

== No wonder we haven’t seen any more blogs from Gilbert Arenas … he’s moved to a new arena, or at least out of one he considers could get him killed (linked here)

== The MLB Network has Thursday night games, to go with ESPN’s Monday and Wednesday games, and Fox’s Saturday games, and ESPN’s and TBS’ Sunday games, and then all the local games you’d see from the Dodgers and Angels on FSN West and Prime. (linked here) At least Tuesday’s are horsehide free. Maybe.

== If the Houston Chronicle didn’t cover sports in 1968, would anyone have known that the University of Houston beat UCLA at the Astrodome in that big game? (linked here)

== Find your favorite sports pub on your iPhone, fratboy (linked here)

== A boner by former KCOP Channel 13 (when they had a sportscast) sportscaster Michelle Bonner, calling A-Rod … well, see for yourself:

== Even you can spot the flaw in this ESPN “SportsCenter” graphic on Curt Schilling’s retirement quote (from Deadspin):


A comment from someone named WhoWantsaWanstacheRide: “As an explanation, I’ll bet the next sportscenter commercial features the A’s mascot running the graphics department.”


== A bad audio connection, and pointing Tommy Lasorda into the setting sun at Dodger Stadium, makes for an awkward interview that sounds more like when you’re trying to talk to your grandfather on his birthday and he’s having trouble figuring out who’s on the phone:

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