More on Dr. Stetson, Arthroscopic Medicine Man


The story today on Bill Stetson, the former USC volleyball All-American who has become Dr. William Stetson, arthropedic surgeon, goes far beyond what we tried to condense into a column (linked here). His latest visit to Cuba set for this coming week will include stops in three cities, starting in Havana, with the blessings of the U.S. government.

“We’ve had no problems, but they sure make us fill out a lot of paperwork with the Treasury Department,” said Stetson. “We have on our affidavit that we’re there for our medical work. That’s the only way we’re able to go. There’s nothing about a tourist visa. It’s very hard to get down there.”

== Stetson’s practice in Burbank (official site linked here) somehow got the official domain, which shows you how bright he has to be in the first place to get someone to know him.

== From there, his non-profit organization “Operation Arthroscopy” (linked here) accepts donations all the time — mostly medical equipment that has not become so much outdated, but has been replaced by newer technology.

“Everyone here (in the U.S.) wants the latest and greatest equipment, so a lot of the stuff that works just fine and is first or second generation sits in garages or closets,” said Stetson. “Once I started asking around for it to be donated, I filled an entire garage with medical equipment.”

Some of it is easy enough to carry in a suitcase. Most is in the 20-to-30 pound range and needs to be shipped ahead.

== Here’s a story done on him back in 1998 when he first started going to Haiti: (linked here)

== Here’s the story on him in 2006 when he was honored with the NCAA Silver Anniversary award (linked here).

And if you happen to see Dr. Stetson before he leaves down, he’s the one hobbling around in the boot around his foot. He recently tore the calf above his Achilles.

Nothing athletic to boast about, though.

“I was coming out of a restaurant and there was a small curb I didn’t see,” he said. “I didn’t just tweek it, I turned (the ankle) over and …”

At least he didn’t do the surgery himself on it. But he knew a good place to go to get it done.

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