Our Daily Dread: A ‘Hero’ culture breeds too many wannabes


And the new “Guitar Hero” appears to be ….

Bob Knight.

With his backup group: Coach K, Roy Williams and Rick Pitino.

Even funnier, The General havin’ some fun behind the scenes!

John Calpari apparently didn’t get to Kentucky quick enough.

Somewhere, Tom Cruise is saying: You’re so glib.

Once upon a time, our pop culture references were a little more organic, not thrust upon us for a quick laugh and “Hey, did you see that!”

Now, it’s an ESPN mini-series. At least Coach K understand where the parody came from …

We’re more impressed with some of the comments about this already posted on Deadspin.com, which say what we’re thinking better than we can at this moment:

Detective Bunk: A little heads up next time, Rick. Some of us are eating our dinner here.

Cowbell204: A green screen? You mean these four didn’t make this commercial together in the middle of the season?

Sculptor? I just met her!: whew. all i gotta say is, thank god for adblock

And sunblock.

Maybe that’s why we haven’t really seen it yet, except for these clips online.

If we’re the marketing campaign for Guitar Hero, we’ve just realized something: We have an outrageous bucket of money to throw out there. Kids must really be buying this. Why do we need to keep pushing it, then? Why don’t we just pocket this money and quit thinking we’re making some kind of cultural iconic statement with these commercials? It’s not like we’re selling Alka Seltzer and having some big fat guy say, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”

OK, we’ll look one more time at the one with Kobe, A-Rod, Tony Hawk and Michael Phelps — oh, right, seems that’s a little outdated now, isn’t it? A-Rod spent too much time posing in the mirror, and Phelps was off to the side hitting the bong. Leave it to Kobe to be the mature one of that group.

OK, we’ll look one more time at the one with Heidi Klum — the director’s cut (quickly sans red striped shirt):

OK, now who’s the hero around here?

We get it. The video game is popular, and the more it can be a pop culture ad, the more street cred it gathers.

When President Obama agrees to do this, with his family playing themselves in the background, then it will have officially, you know, jumped that shark thing…

Now, we need a boost of that G drink to get us going so we can get up to speed on “Celebrity Apprentice” and see how The Donald fired Dennis Rodman on the last episode. Oh, sorry to give away the ending.

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