Do we need to go here? Apparently so, just to make sure Bill Macdonald isn’t doing something illegal


It’s now on Deadspin (linked here) and SportsByBrooks (linked here).

For the record, Bill Macdonald said he was told by an Angels rep that he’d been captured on a fan site and listed as a “panther” — the male version of the “cougar.” (linked here). The Angels were OK with it, as long as he was. He knows it goes with the “media celebrity” territory, like it or not. Just too bad the young lady has to be dragged into whatever preceived problem is created here. Or isn’t.

The pure irony of all this may come later, when irrational Fox Sports Net execs get so bent out of shape they suspend Macdonald but continue to keep Norm Nixon on the air as Macdonald’s Laker pre- and post-game analyst.

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