The Media Learning Curve: A spring break from March 27-April 10


We should be on spring break from the Media Learning Center for the Advancement of Understanding Words and Things (still, no title sponsor), but we kinda did that last week, so we’re playing catchup in the World of Things We’ve Learned spanning the last 14 days.

== If you weren’t awaked by the news of Nick Adenhart’s death on Thursday morning, by all means, relive it: (linked here)

== If you didn’t know HBO was renewing “Eastbound & Down,” here’s the info (linked here)

== We haven’t tried to ignore the recent U.S. rights fees paid out for European soccer … but we seem to have done a poor job in writing about how Fox Soccer Channel has become the champion of the Champions League, not ESPN (linked here).

== Clark Kellogg isn’t just empty calories for breakfast … but not far from it, and those who agree: The New York Times (linked here) Yup, we already miss Billy Packer’s instant grouchy opinions, not wanting to wait for a Sunday night to hear ’em.

== John Wooden’s Def Poetry Jam for G (linked here) would be nice to play in his absence tonight at the Wooden Awards.

== What about a 24-hour Olympic channel, with Comcast comandering it? (linked here)

== Dick Vitale, Barry Melrose, Lee Corso, Charles Barkley, Troy Aikmanand Phil Simms, among the 66 guys we should emulate? Esquire says so (via … OK, Springsteen and the Dalai Lama, we get… The Vitale-Melrose-Corso entry is combined, at No. 49, with this: “They love their jobs, and as each of them will tell you: It’s hard out there for a pimp.”

== Jack Edwards, the former ESPN guy now calling Boston Bruins games, probably won’t be back to the World Wide Leader in forever, but you can’t blame him for stating the truth (linked here) about ESPN’s lack of NHL coverage and its stale “SportsCenter” format.

== How unaffordable daily baseball coverage is for even the New York Times (linked here).

== Someone’s reading a newspaper in Michigan (linked here)

== Someone’s snapping photos of Bill Macdonald on their cellphone (linked here)

== And did you get a chance to read the rest of the media notes we collected this week? (linked here)

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