It’s Out of the Question: Sadly, gut-check time already


The Associated Press

And what have we learned about the first abbreviated week of the 2009 baseball season, one that has brought the Dodgers a little less magic than expected and delivered the Angels things much more tragic than necessary?

== That there is no such thing as a jinx, curse, hex, whammy, evil spell, bad luck, tough breaks of nasty karma hanging over Angel Stadium, just very bad things happening to extremely good people who, by irony, wear halos?


== That Mike Scioscia best carry a heavily blessed rosary when trying to figure out the future of his starting rotation, and check to see if Jon Garland really did get away in the offseason?

== That Howie Kendrick really could win a batting title someday?

== That perhaps when the power of your lineup has come from the No. 7 and 8 spots, you really should consider Matt Kemp and Casey Blake for, maybe, the No. 5 hole?

== That the less we know about Ronald Belisario, the better … until he’s ready to replace Randy Wolf in the starting rotation?

== That Blake DeWitt may be the No. 3 catcher by July?

== That we should really appreciate the goodness of Orlando Hudson until he becomes injured?

== Who’d President Barry have in the women’s NCAA tournament, or did he simply ignore it like everyone else?

== Has Russell Westbrook given Jrue Holiday a false sense of NBA security?

== Wouldn’t it have been the stuff of headlines if UConn beleaguered hoops coach Jim Calhoon decided to retire, not to simply stick around another season?

== Does it still count as winning the Wooden Award if a defiant John Wooden purposely doesn’t show up to present it any more?

== The Kings’ furlough finally ends today?

== Has Zach Randolph found his way home yet?

== If we stopped asking Jose Canseco about MLB steroid use, would he stop making educated guesses that seem to be right? Does Manny Ramirez have any reason to start finding a slander-specialized lawyer?

== Fuzzy Zoeller has allowed his 25-year-old daughter, the fetchin’ Gretchen, to lug his bag around Augusta this weekend? When does Tiger talk his 1-year-old Sam into doing the same?

== Have you heard the radio spots for the upcoming Galaxy-AC Milan kickball exhibition at Home Depot Center, with tickets “as low as 40 bucks?” Each? Could you imagine yourself willing to spend more than $10 each?

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