The Media Learning Curve: Snap, crackle and pop, the TV world in post-Madden times


More tributes to the retiring John Madden? You didn’t get enough yesterday?

After Thursday’s website-version story about the news (linked here) and with today’s column on how Frank Caliendo may have added to the cartoonish personna of Madden in his later years (linked here), we have some final Madden salvos, plus a few more notes that didn’t make the cut:

== Longtime partner Pat Summerall: “I think his work ethic and passion and love for the game made him apart from everybody else. He didn’t talk down to people. He talked as if he was sitting next to you and explaining things to you.”

== Fox studio analyst Howie Long: “Trust me, I had many a late night waiting for one of my three boys to get home at 1 a.m. because the newest Madden game was being released at midnight. But the thing that I think of when I hear the name ‘John Madden’ is great coach, Hall of Fame coach. To me, that’s truly what defines who John is. He is a teacher and a coach and always will be. NFL Sundays just won’t be the same.”

== Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “There might not be a national broadcaster in any sport whose persona was so identified with the sport he called. John Madden is pro football. He looks like pro football. He talks like pro football. If he marketed cologne it would be called football. He does market a National Football League video game and, fittingly, it’s called ‘Madden.'”

== And speaking (as Caliendo was) about a version of “McMadden’s” fast food chain possibilities, this commercial that Madden did long ago:

== NBA rules continue to allow teams to carry their first-round playoff games to each team’s home market with local broadcasts, meaning that even if ESPN or TNT has the Lakers’ game (as long as it’s not ABC), it’ll still be on FSWest (for home games 2, 5 and/or 7) or KCAL Channel 9 (for Utah games 3, 4 and/or 6) with Joel Meyers and Stu Lantz. FSWest will also do a pregame and postgame with Bill Macdonald and — yes! — Norm Nixon (take a drink everytime he says something) a half hour before and after each game. Except for Sunday’s Game 1 (on Channel 7), with it’s only a post-game at 2:30 p.m.

== Tuesday’s episode of the fast-cut, edgy-camera movement “E:60” (Tuesday, 4 p.m.) includes a piece by Lisa Salters on Dodgers assistant general manager Kim Ng, with Dodgers manager Joe Torre and Yankees GM Brian Cashman interviewed as well.

A clip of the show:

E:60 Dodgers Asst. GM Kim Ng Preview from ESPN Communications on Vimeo.


From The Onion Sports (linked here):

Harry Kalas Tribute Video Somehow Narrated By Harry Kalas


PHILADELPHIA–In what fans are calling a touching and entirely fitting tribute to the Philadelphia icon, the Phillies released a farewell video of Harry Kalas Monday narrated by Kalas himself.

“In Philadelphia, they’ll tell you that if Harry Kalas said it, it must be true,” Kalas’ distinctive voice can be heard saying over a montage of great Kalas moments, including his first day as a Phillies broadcaster and both Phillies World Series victories.

“His honeyed old-leather-and-bourbon baritone was spring and summer to generations of baseball fans. We’ll miss his voice, but not as much as we’ll miss the man. So, one last time, we say: Long drive…watch that baby…outta here. Home run, Harry Kalas.”

The Phillies declined comment on the video itself, saying only that choosing Kalas to narrate the labor of love was a “no-brainer” and that no other voice would do Kalas’ legend justice.

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