The latest incarnation of Joe McDonnell

You’re familiar with Joe McDonnell’s radio resume in Los Angeles sports-talk history (check his website).

If you tuned into the Sporting News Radio Network this morning, you heard the start of his latest stop.


Seven months after his departure from KLAC-AM (570)’s weeknight show — he was replaced by Tony Bruno, who was then dropped when the station turned to Fox Sports syndicated radio stuff — McDonnell is co-hosting a 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekend show with Bob Berger on the Sporting News Radio Net, which can be access at the publication’s official website (linked here), as well as Sirius XM Satellite 127 and on San Diego’s XX Sports Radio 1090-AM (linked here) when it doesn’t conflict with Padres coverage.

McDonnell, who’s been showing up lately at Dodgers and Lakers games, will also be doing writing and blogging for the magazine and its website.

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  • fusiongtx

    It’s good to see Big Joe finally be back in the sports game. Its been way too long without big Joe!!

  • circlejerk

    Let me get this straight … Joe is back but he can’t be heard on a regular car radio in Los Angeles ???

    If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there does it make a sound ?

  • radar

    Go Big Joe! Listened on the Sporting News website. The big man didn’t miss a beat even though it was a little weird to hear him talking nationally instead of local. But he kept the Laker love going! Sounde really comfortable with his new partner.

  • para’s

    Good for Big Joe but this changes very little concerning the status of LA sports talk radio. Cities like New York, Boston, Dallas, Philly and Chicago have dominate LOCAL sports talk; LA? We seem to be the “national, corporate” destination for sports talk. What a shame.


    sounds about right…..Weekend job. Glad he got a gig, glad I don’t have to listen.

  • SportsRadio101

    Hmmm seems everyone is on the negative here. Aww once again Tom pimpin his boy. Joe is a has been and this just proves it! It took him 7 months to land on a joke of a network. I mean at least Dave Smith was on 5 days a week on that network. The last station they were on the owner (co-founder of Microsoft) decided to sell it and now it’s a korean station only heard in Downtown L.A.. The only reason they hired Joe is because their studios are in Santa Monica. Joe McDonnell will never be a big time sports talk host in this town again. Not that he ever was. He has burned soooo many bridges it’s crazy! I think his buddy Kurt K. felt bad for him and put in a “good” word for him over at Sporting news. Who reads Sporting news anymore??? KLAA would rather have infomercials on during part of the day than hire Joe. They almost did and then went and hired better hosts in Dave Smith and Jeff Biggs. What does that tell you?? Save your money Joe from your KSPN days, you are gonna need it!!

  • KingBB99

    How did the show sound? Let me guess? Did he call someone an idiot? Did he say someone was stupid? Did he brag about all the stories he’s broken? Did he mention that he’s best friends with a bunch of unnamed Dodger players?

    We’ve heard that show. That’s probably why it’s not on anymore. Is there a less entertaining talk show host in the history of LA sportstalk? (Remember the tragically uninteresting Chris Myers is somehow nationally syndicated so he doesn’t count.)

    Who do you want to kick out of LA? Done.