Our favorite Earth Day sports-related thing for the golfer


It’s the Wilson Staff Eco-Carry golf bag — the first on the market made with 100 percent recycled material, from reused plastic bottles.

They call it GreenPlus fabric, made from the equivalent of 12 plastic gallon bottles, similar to two-liter soda bottles. The bottles are crushed into plastic flakes, which are then transformed into a stable fiber through de-polymerization and re-polymerization. Then the fibers are woven into a filament yarn. The process also reduces the release of carbon dioxide by 70 percent as compared to normal polyester production that can be harmful to the environment.

Its lightweight (3.7 pounds) and durable, with the ergonomic hip pad. And, it’s green.

Suggested list price: $129.99. Find it at wilsonstaff.com (linked here).

== How about a ball the disegrates 24 hours after it lands in the water? Think about what happens to golfballs when you’re on vacation and hitting them off the mat on a cruise ship. OK, a bit of an extreme, but you’d feel better that you’re not polluting the ocean if you used the EcoGolf Water Soluble golf ball (linked here).

== We like tees, ball markers and divot repair products made from surpluss wheat here at GreenByDesign.com (linked here) in Nebraska, guaranteed to return to the Earth in 90 days.


== Zero Friction golf tees, biodegradable, are among our favorites to use (linked here).

== For more Earth-friendly corn-based golf tees, try Ecogolf.com in Knox, Indiana (linked here). You can also find some biodegradable golf tees from CompostableGoods.com (linked here).

== More travel gear information (linked here) at TreeHugger.com.

And don’t forget sunscreen.

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