A hairy proposition: Two NFL careers will be derailed now by the Madden video game cover curse


Our regrets to Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald for having not only their fantasy football stock sinki faster than the Dow Jones but their medical staffs put on full 24-hour alert (as well as their lawyers) after it was announced this morning that the Pittsburgh Steelers safety and the Arizona Cardinals’ receiver will co-host the cover of the Madden NFL 10 game set for distribution on Aug. 14.

For the first time in the 21-year history of the Madden NFL franchise, two athletes will be on the cover.

In other words, two will be taken down at the same time by the … curse…

Plus, their wild hair makes them naturally photogentic. Right, Man-Ram?

“Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu are exemplary examples of the epic battle between offense and defense in the NFL,” said senior product manager Anthony Stevenson in a press release. “Madden NFL 10 showcases the Fight For Every Yard, and nobody fights harder than Troy and Larry, making them the perfect athletes to grace the cover.”

Plus, they faced each other in the last Super Bowl. It’s newsworthy.

Fitzgerald will be the second athlete to have been featured on both the Madden NFL cover (Madden NFL 10) and NCAA Football cover (NCAA Football 2005) — history buffs, do you know the first? It was Shaun Alexander.

About that Madden cover curse …. It’s on Wikipedia (linked here). It must be true. Others believe it, too (linked here).

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