The Media Learning Curve: April 17-24


There is an inherent danger in having ESPN do its 10 p.m. (OK, 1 a.m. if you have no clue where the West Coast lies) “SportsCenter” from across the street from Staples Center — the ripe-for-riff-raff factor.

Like, a badass like Justin Timberlake , aka Jacques Grande from Mike Myers’ nuclear, “The Love Guru,” blowing in to promote … himself, with the cool/dork look.

There’s this YouTube clip (please, don’t watch it, you’ll only encourage him to check how many hits it has had … this is just for-the-record purposes):

We learned early on that this ESPN Hollywood show — remember how long that thing lasted as a Mario Lopez vehicle? — would turn ugly. There’s just enough ego to hang yourself with in that part of town, and Timberlake walked right into the trap.

What else did we learn this week? Not much, but we’ll pass it on anyway:

== Erin Andrews says being in a college football video game is “a dream come true.” Same thing said by my 22-year-old son, 8-year-old nephew and 5-year-old neighbor kid (linked here).

== Someone has already been able to see, and review, Spike Lee’s documentary on Kobe Bryant , even though it’s not due out until May 16 (linked here)

== The Heidi Androl Queen Bee effect in the NHL playoffs is in full bloom (linked here)

== Did you know the new episodes of “Pros Vs. Joes” hits Spike TV starting Monday? Do you care, now that Petros Papadakis isn’t hosting it any longer? (linked here)

== Shaq doesn’t have a second career as a comedian/actor (linked here)

== They nailed it — Another story on Lenny Dykstra’s house of dollar bills continuing to look like it has a shaky foundation — is it any surprise that CNBC’s Jim Cramer is part of the equation? (linked here) And we now see Lenny isn’t so “Street” any longer (linked here)

== The start and stop of Rick Reilly’s “Homecoming” is coming along smoothly (linked here)

== Your new ABC “Superstars” competition this summer — Jeff Kent, with Ali Landry , form a dream team (linked here)

== Vin Scully wasn’t opening for Wayne Newton during a recent trip to Vegas (linked here)

== Our longer review of the new Dodgers fan documentary “Bluetopia,” along with others chiming in (linked here)

== They still love them Ross Porter in Oklahomatown (come up with your own statistic to back that one up) (linked here)

== The 25 Years of Mel Kiper Jr (linked here) with a New York Times Q-and-A (linked here)

== For Forbes’ money, the Angels’ Arte Moreno is the best buy in baseball ownership (linked here), and he’s still considering an All-Angels TV cable channel.

== The football coach at Wisconsin-Whitewater should be glad that someone’s actually writing about the program (linked here)

== More about the similarities and differences to expect to see in the ESPN vs. NFL Network coverage of this weekend’s NFL draft (linked here)

== Is America ready for Anthony Anderson hosting his own Golf Channel show? (linked here)

== What do Doris Burke and Dizzy Dean have in common? We’re not quite sure (linked here)

== Joe Paterno’s Rose Bowl blow-off to the media finally gets addressed … but resolved? (linked here and linked here)



== Keith “Baseball Nerd” Olbermann is an official MLB blogger, and that’s a good thing (linked here)

At his request, Olbermann’s full salary will be split equally among three charitable organizations: the Baseball Assistance Team, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Jayden Braden/Ariana Marzano College Fund, established in support of the late John Marzano’s grandchildren. Marzano, a former Major Leaguer and host, died just over one year ago in a home accident in Philadelphia.

“I’ve long respected’s editorial independence and I’ll be delighted to test it,” said Olbermann. “Seriously, it’s an honor to be able to write about all the obscure things I love inside the game I love, and to help some worthy causes in the process, and to honor an old friend. Not to mention that it will be my politics-free oasis. Unless another cat jumps up at another Governor.”

Do you now see the nerd difference in candidate A (above) and canidate B (right)?


Hey, wait, you get paid for writing a blog?

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