‘And your voice of the Lancaster JetHawks …’ Not me … but pull up a chair anyway


A couple of months ago, we did a feature story on Jeff Lasky, the 28-year-old play-by-play voice of the Single-A Lancaster JetHawks (linked here).

Wednesday afternoon, Lasky returns the favor. Sorta.

He’s offered me the opportunity to do an inning of play-by-play during the team’s game against the San Jose Giants. I’ve ridiculously taken him up on it, and the result will be the media column for Friday’s newspaper and perhaps an audio clip that could be used against me by any broadcaster who I’ve wronged in the last 20-plus years of writing the media column.

(When I told Dodgers broadcaster Charley Steiner about this endeavor, his immediate response: “Can I critique you?” Sure, if you can hear the game from San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon …)

Oh, you can?

Barring any unforseen technical difficulties — I plan to stay in Lancaster tonight so I don’t get a late wake-up call and get stuck in traffic driving out to the desert on Wednesday morning — you can hear the call of the game live on the JetHawks’ flagship station, Magic 1340-AM (linked here). Or, even easier, listen on the audio stream from the team website (linked here). Go to the “Listen Live” link.

It’s an 11 a.m. first-pitch, the end of a seven-game homestand.

There will also be a MP3 version of the call on Friday’s blog to go with the media column.

Listen, and learn, friends. Listen, to find out what’s happening in the game. And learn from my mistakes.

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  • OldYellKing


    Be sure to spend some time getting to know the JetHawks manager, Wes Clements. He’s a real character and as close to Bull Durham’s Crash Davis as you’re going to get…except Costner’s a helluva lot better looking. Break a leg.