Our Daily Dread: A subtle, but effective, Cinco de Mayo baseball promotion … if you con-scent

The Lake Elsinore Storm already offers a “Fat Tuesday” promotion each week — a $13 ticket allows the holder to “enjoy the All-U-Can Eat Belly Buster food specials.” Think Dodgers’ right-field pavilion, but much cheaper.

The trick is, of course, how much can the holder hold it in?


Considering the upcoming Tuesday falls on Cinco de Mayo, the Padres’ Single-A affiliate has what you may consider to be an added bonus — The first 250 fans also receive free the Subtle Butt flatulence patch.

It is what you think it is.

“Made of activated carbon fabric, each disposable 3.25″ square shield is held onto the inside of underwear with two self-adhesive strips,” according to the information provided on the Storm’s website blog (linked here). “Subtle Butt effectively filters flatulence, absorbing and neutralizing its odor.”

“I am confident that this will help fans get through the Seventh-Inning Stench,” says Kim Leone Olenicoff, President of Irvine-based The Pond Inc., maker of Subtle Butt. “And I’m not only the President, but a satisfied customer.”


Adds Storm assistant GM Allan Benavides: “This will really help people out. I know personally when I eat all that I can, I have problems with gas emissions.”

In all fairness, Subtle Butt is offered each Tuesday free to the first 250 who stream through the entrance gates. Otherwise, they run $9.95 for a package of five (find ’em here)

So, by all means, gas up a Storm after a big Mexican lunch, if you need to. Oh, and you will need to.

This Tuesday’s opponent: Your Lancaster JetHawks. Need any more incentive to make the drive South to this Mistake by the Lake?

The Storm, by the way, is a team that once had a Scientologist Night a few years ago and gave away Tom Cruise bobble-chairs — yes, the Cruiser jumping off the sofa on the “Oprah” show:

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