A repeat 30-30 list … and no Canseco book on it?


Just in case you’d like the whole list of reviews on one monster link —

Day 30: “Parables From The Diamond: Meditations for Men on Baseball & Life” by Phil Christopher and Glenn Dromgoole (linked here)

Day 29: “Bottom of the Ninth: Branch Rickey, Casey Stengel, and the Daring Scheme to Save Baseball from Itself” by Michael Shapiro (linked here)

Day 28: “Straw: Finding My Way” by Darryl Strawberry (with John Strausbaugh) (linked here)

Day 27: “After Many a Summer: The Passing of the Giants and Dodgers and a Golden Age in New York Baseball” by Robert E. Murphy (linked here)

Day 26: “Heart of the Game: Life, Death and Mercy in Minor League America” by S.L. Price (linked here)

Day 25: “George: The Poor Little Rich Boy Who Built the Yankee Empire” by Peter Golenbock (linked here)

Day 24: “The Complete Game: Reflections on Baseball, Pitching and Life on the Mound” by Ron Darling (linked here)

Day 23: “Yogi Berra: Eternal Yankee” by Allen Barra (linked here)

Day 22: “It Was Never About the Babe: How the Boston Red Sox Overcame Decades of Mismanagement and Racism and Built a Dynasty” by Jerry M. Gutlon (linked here)

Day 21: “Tony LaRussa: Man on a Mission” by Bob Rains, forward by Joe Buck (linked here)


Day 20: “The Rocket That Fell To Earth: Roger Clemens and the Rage for Baseball Immortality” by Jeff Pearlman (along with “American Icon: The Fall of Roger Clemens and the Rise of Steroids in America’s Pastime” By Teri Thompson, Nathaniel Vinton, Michael O’Keeffe, and Christian Red of the New York Daily News) (linked here)

Day 19: “The Unwritten Rules of Baseball: The Etiquette, Conventional Wisdom and Axiomatic Codes of Our National Pasttime” by Paul Dickson (as well as Dickson’s updated and third edition of “The Dickson Baseball Dictionary: The Revised, Expanded and Now-Definitive Work on the Language of Baseball”) (linked here)

Day 18: “Baseball Prospectus: The Essential Guide to the 2009 Baseball Season” edited by Steven Goldman, Nate Silver and Christina Kahrl, forward by Keith Olbermann (linked here)

Day 17: “Baseball and the Baby Boomer: A History, Commentary and Memoir” by Talmage Boston (linked here)

Day 16: “Catcher: How The Man behind the Plate Became an American Folk Hero” by Peter Morris (linked here)


Day 15: “This Day In Baseball: A Day-By-Day Record of the Events that Shaped the Game” by David Nemec and Scott Flatow and “Dodgers Journal: Year by Year & Day by Day with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers since 1884” by John Snyder (linked here)

Day 14: “The Baseball Talmud: The Definitive Position-by-Position Ranking of Baseball’s Chosen Players” by Howard Megdal (linked here)

Day 13: “Odd Man Out: A Year on the Mound with a Minor League Misfit” by Matt McCarthy (linked here)

Day 12: “100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die” by Jon Weisman (linked here)

Day 11: “Bob Feller’s Little Blue Book of Baseball Wisdom” by Bob Feller (linked here)

Day 10: “Splinters” by Rex Hudler (linked here)

Day 9: “The Corporal Was a Pitcher: The Courage of Lou Brissie” by Ira Berkow (linked here)

Day 8: “As They See ‘Em: A Fan’s Travels in the Land of Umpires” by Bruce Weber (linked here)

Day 7: “Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic” by Alyssa Milano and “Confessions of a She-Fan: The Course of True Love with the New York Yankees” by Jane Heller (linked here)

Day 6: “Dodgers Past & Present” by Steven Travers (linked here)

Day 5: “The Psycho 100: Baseball’s Most Outrageous Moments” by Steve “Psycho” Lyons (linked here)

Day 4: “Becoming Manny: Inside the Life of Baseball’s Most Enigmatic Slugger” by Jean Rhodes and Shawn Boburg (authorized by Manny Raminez) (linked here)

Day 3: “The Yankee Years” by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci (linked here)

Day 2: “Forever Blue: The True Story of Walter O’Malley, Baseball’s Most Controversial Owner, and the Dodgers of Brooklyn and Los Angeles” by Michael D’Antonio (linked here)

Day 1: “Under The March Sun: The Story of Spring Training” by Charles Fountain (linked here)

Which one do you need for your reading room?

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