The Media Learning Curve: April 24-May 1


On-the-job training is the perfect way to learn on the go, as we did this week from Lancaster. I’ll not be making a smooth segue from writer to broadcaster, but if there was ever a mid-life crisis job that would be appealing, this could be it. Yet, I’m not sure I’d want to put all the years in that one would even have to consider before doing it for a living.

Besides, I’m not that fond of my voice. I’m a better listener. Ask my wife.

Aside from when the right time was to duck in a story into a baseball broadcast — do it with at least two outs left in the inning as a general rule, and don’t step over the pitcher’s windup — we also learned this week:

== Whatever happened to Matt Harrington? The former Palmdale High star pitcher, once offered $4.9 million to throw a baseball for the Colorado Rockies, is making $11.50 changing tires at a Costco near Dallas. Seriously. ESPN caught up with him for a piece last Sunday on “Outside the Lines” and then had Amy K. Nelson do a story as well on (linked here). Harrington’s last chance at a pro career ended with a failed stint in Cubs spring training in 2006.

== What if the NFL draft moved to prime-time on Thursday? Would it still be Must-See-TV going head-to-head with “The Office”? (linked here)

== ESPN bats around the idea of covering Ping Pong (linked here) Will the winner do this (note: it’s from USC’s student gym on campus):

== Who’s happy to see Stephen A. Smith officially leave ESPN as of today? (linked here) Or are you kinda sad? (linked here)

== Who’s happy to see Jerome Bettis likely out at NBC? (linked here) Did Bettis also ask Cris Collinsworth to be his replacement? (linked here)

== Matt Vasgersian realized too late he didn’t make a funny (linked here):

== If you missed ESPN’s coverage of Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury stealing home on last Sunday night’s game against the Yankees’ Andy Pettitte: (linked here)

== And finally:

== Does the future of sports journalism need Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton (not his real name) (linked here). They’ve got us on the run.

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