The official “Smack Off” 2009 finish: A new winner … finally .. Coronas all around

The Jim Rome “Smack Off” top 10 rundown:


10. Jay Mohr
9. Terrance from Sierra Madre
8. Rachel in Houston
7. Josh in Grand Rapids (first timer)
6. Trapper in Dana Point
5. Iafrate (defending two-time champion)
4. Greg in Vegas
3. Vic in NoCal
2. Mike in Indy (first timer)
1. Brad in Corona (first timer)

On our pre-Smack odds:
=Brad in Corona: 10-1
=Mike in Indy: Off the board (falling under the 150-1 “field” category)
=Vic in NoCal: 32 gazillion-1
=Greg in Vegas: 5-1
=Iafrate: 3-1
=Trapper in Dana Point: 19-1
=Josh in Grand Rapids: Off the board (150-1)
=Rachel in Houston: 69/2
=Terrence in Sierra Madre: 5/2
=Jay Mohr: 351/1 (actually, after he made us laugh the most of all of ’em…)

Biggest disappointment: Chad in Portland wasn’t able to finish his Manny Ramirez poem put to the lyrics of “Casey At The Bat”

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