Sorry, Manny … but you’ve been replaced … so who’s the new sheriff in town while you’re the village idiot?


The Dodgers didn’t take a whole lotta time to take Manny Ramirez down from its billboard campaign around down and put things less filling on the places where he once held eminent domain.

Take, for instance, that prime spot at the 405 and 105 interchange near LAX, as it was in April after he signed — before — and then as it stands now. Mannywood’s population is now asked to consume more beer. Until at least the Fourth of July.

Likewise, the Dodgers’ new marketing scheme isn’t as clever as say, what KSPN 710’s Mason and Ireland had in mind when they brought team marketing director Dr. Charles Steinberg on the show recently. Their idea: Make it look like a guerrela campaign, putting a red slash through Manny and then putting a face of some other player in his place.

This is the cleaner version of that, as we’re starting to see off the 105 Freeway near Prairie and Imperial, featuring Russell Martin:


And then off Hawthorne Blvd. in the city of Lennox, in the LAX flight pattern, where it’s a whole other language for Rafael Furcal:


Indicating, obviously, that in lieu of the mayor of Mannywood crafting the message and sticking to the talking points — and again, he says he’s sorry — his lieutenant mayors can spread the word, in whatever language necessary.

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