The Media Learning Curve: May 8-15


The Pac-10 is grumbling doing due dilligence about getting its own TV Network, we’ve been told again. And again.

The latest trial balloon for the Channel Pac-10 came from the Orange County Register (linked here) talking to outgoing commish Tom Hansen.

Again, Hansen wouldn’t be here to see it through. Which means it could get done.

“There are a huge number of things that have to fall into place,” said Pac-10 associate commissioner Duane Lindberg said in response. They’d even have to change the conference’s constitution. They’d have to wait until their Fox Sports Net contract runs out in 2012.

“There’s no definite time-line,” said Lindberg.


There’s no money, either, to even think about it now. But more schools are losing money and think TV has the jackpot somehow figured out.

And this is news? OK, we’ll bite.


While trying to figure out how many more Oregon Ducks will fall between the cracks while this proposal goes forward — and how much USC and UCLA would carry a network such as this, to the amusement of anyone near Corvallis, Ore. — we must as admit that in the course of the week, we also learned:

== One more take on the Kobe/Spike documentary, written last April, by Richard Sandomir of the New York Times (linked here)

== Eric Karros has big eyes when he says: “The price of gas has gone up? So has the price of forgiveness” … Hear that Manny? (linked here)

== Why we’ll take Matt Vasgersian over pretty much any other baseball broadcaster when it comes to shooting straight (linked here) and (linked here).

== ESPN has named its Michael Vick Investigative/Stalking Team starting lineup (linked here)

== Brad Pitt, as Billy Beane? Who’s got DePodesta? (linked here)

== Two ESPN “SportsCenter” anchors do it in the eyes of God? (linked here)

== Does Doug Collins want to blow up his career at TNT … again? (linked here)

== Miss Bill Walton during the NBA playoffs? So do we. So does she (linked here)

== Let’s be blunt: The story of former Laker Corre Blount is pretty funny. thanks to and Keith’s Sports Journal (linked here):

== The United Football League has a credible producer and director for their games on Versus this fall (linked here)

== The 2009 U.S. Pole Dancing Championships were acrobatic, leggy, according to … and somehow it wasn’t on Spike TV (linked here)


== Two non-approved NBA playoff ads:


== From “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday night, the host discussed the one-year prison sentence for former Laker Corie Blount for possession of 29 pounds of marijuana. “That’s like smoking a whole Olsen twin,” said Kimmel. “It led some to speculate that Corie may be planning a second career as an Olympic swimmer.”
Then after showing the SportsCenter clip of anchor Chris McKendry giggling during her delivery of the story, Kimmel responded: “Then they ate a basketball. ESPN, by the way, stands for Extremely Stoned Person News in case you’re wondering.”

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