Beyond the numbers: Beam up a virtual image in the studio, which seems virtually like more unnecessary eye candy


From the ESPN press release machine promoting its Lakers-Nuggets Western Conference finals coverage, starting Tuesday from Staples Center:

ESPN will utilize new virtual graphics to illustrate statistics, bio information and more. The NBA Player Card is an in-studio informational graphic that virtually places the “hero” in the studio next to the anchor during a stand-up. It is the next generation of full-frame graphics and offers a dynamic, moving graphic package that shows the player in motion. The virtual environment that has been created is a dynamic staging area to showcase the player with his stats along with incorporating “real” studio display monitors and talent to give the segment a high-end, cohesive presentation.

So don’t be freaked out if you see Kobe Bryant in Bristol, Conn., working on his crossover while reading his stats about past performances.

The “Star Trek” technology seems to be finally put to some utilitarian use. At last. Beam me up another Tecate Lite while you’re at it.

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