Have we finally seen the end to Charles Barkley’s golf game?

The fact that Charles Barkley nearly killed a spectator with an errant shot on the golf course (above) shouldn’t discourage you from watching the conclusion of the Golf Channel series, “The Haney Project,” where golf swing guru Hank Haney tries to fix the worst swing in golf — belonging to Barkley. It all comes to a merciful end tonight (7 p.m.) when the former NBA hacker has to decide if he’s improved enough to keep trying to play.

Haney and Barkley play their final nine holes together, with Julius Erving among the people who join them for a hole. After Erving says he might work with Haney to improve his distance, Barkley reacts: “Hank only works with me and Tiger.”

The show takes a strange twist when Jo Ann Rose, a Golf Channel viewer from Pickerington, Ohio, arrives to thank Barkley for inspiring her to play golf again. She says she saw the first episode of “The Haney Project” and, after laughing, “it dawned on me that if you were not afraid after years of embarassment and hurt, then why should I be afraid to get back out on the course?” Rose had just taken up golf with her husband when a major illness forced her to quit.

Even Tiger has a hard time trying to capture the essence of Barkley’s swing:

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