Tetering on the truth: Did she survive this leap of faith for a few ad bucks?

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That’s gold-medal snowboarder Hannah Teter jumping off a mountain for an energy beverage.

It’s our very educated guess she probalby doesn’t drink said drink. When we asked the very health-conscious Teter once whether she actually drank Mountain Dew, a major sponsor of extreme sports, she kind of krinkled her nose and asked that we really didn’t need to know her answer.

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  • brianguy

    one only needs to watch the feature film “First Descent” to know whether she would’ve “made it” or not.

    …though I wouldn’t be surprised if this were merely trick photography. you set up the aerial shot, then show her leaping off to descend a different, much more controlled run.

    a lot simpler (safer) and cheaper to shoot than the thing you’re made to think she was about to do.