Kicking it girlie style … and liking it

It sounds like a movie we’ve already seen, something with Elisabeth Shue … “Gracie,” was it?

Naw, this one kicks more butt than anything Shue did.

The documentary “Kick Like A Girl,” about a third-trade soccer team called the Mighty Cheetas that defied gender prejudice to compete with the boys, airs Wednesday on HBO at 6 p.m. with various repeats. But TiVo it now before it slips away.

The plot: After two undefeated seasons against girls’ soccer teams their age and older, Utah’s Mighty Cheetahs want a new challenge.


Cheetahs coach Jenny Mackenzie chronicles the adventures of these third-grade underdogs as they set out to prove their game skills and overcome the skepticism of opponents and parents in the inspiring family documentary.

The film is narrated by Mackenzie’s 8-year-old daughter, Lizzie, who manages to play despite battling juvenile diabetes, giving herself an insulin shot up to seven times a day.

The Mighty Cheetahs win their first three inter-gender games, surprising many of the boys, who admit the girls have officially “creamed” them. Shouting from the sidelines, the boys’ parents find a girls’ victory more difficult to digest. After watching the Mighty Cheetahs dominate on the soccer field, the boys, the parents and the audience alike come to find that “kick like a girl” can be a big compliment after all. As one of the boys observes, “If my friends say ‘you kick like a girl,’ I’d be like, ‘Yeah, that’s nice. Thank you!’ ”

Check out the movie’s official site:

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