More on the Abilities Expo: He’s not lax on trying to give lacrosse a new chair at the table


In addition to today’s column on Gerard Moreno (linked here) and his passion for wheelchair fencing, we met Ryan Baker, who just 12 weeks ago helped found wheelchair lacrosse.

The San Diego resident said he was interested in the sport enough to where he contacted someone at the U.S. Lacrosse organization — and they weren’t familiar with any groups playing a wheelchair version of the sport.

“I can’t play rugby, I never played basketball before my injury so I wasn’t going to do it now, I did a lot of snow and water skiing, but I was playing tennis, and my coach had a husband who was involved in lacrosse,” explained Baker. “I finally found a few friends motivated to pull wheelchair lacrosse together.”

And as a result, a rep from U.S. Lacrosse was present when Baker and friends put on a demonstration inside the Anaheim Convention Center hall, complete with sticks, helmets and nets. They go seven a side (including goalies), using standard sticks, and playing on a standard roller hockey rink (even using a goal typical size of a roller hockey game). Think of the movie amazing movie about wheelchair rugby called “Murderball,” except with sticks and balls.

Here’s more info about Baker’s attempt to give his idea more forward motion (official site linked here).

More on the Abilities Expo, which ends today at 4 p.m. (info linked here)

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