If this is the future of journalism, I’ll have not part of it, thank you (was that 140 characters or less?)


This just in from the ESPN media relations headquarters:

Media Alert: Tweet Your Questions About the WNBA Season to ESPN’s Rebecca Lobo Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET


This Wednesday, June 3, at 2 p.m. ET, ESPN will host a one-hour Twitter Q&A with WNBA commentator Rebecca Lobo. During this session, members of the media will have an opportunity to ask Lobo questions about the upcoming WNBA season, which begins on Saturday, June 6, when the Los Angeles Sparks host the defending champs — Detroit Shock — at 2 p.m. on ABC HD. Twitterers will get instantaneous responses to questions, hear what she has to say about the season, and participate in the live conversation.

In order to participate, you must have a Twitter account. Once you are setup, logon and send your questions to @RebeccaLobo between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. and make sure to include the hashtag #WNBAONESPN. The hashtag will count toward the 140 character quota. For example: “@RebeccaLobo, what are your predictions for xyz in the next week? What surprises do we have in store? #WNBAONESPN”

Lobo was the first on-air commentator at ESPN to formally integrate Twitter into ESPN’s television coverage during the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament. She will continue to do so during the WNBA season along with Nancy Lieberman (@NancyLieberman) and Carolyn Peck (@CAROLYNPECK).

Maybe this is for the media only, but if you’ve got a Twitter account — bully for you — and want to participate, go ahead. I have no problem releasing this information.


If you go to Lobo’s Twitter page right now, here’s the latest entry:

Went to Costco today. What do you do with 20 gallons of mayonaise? And how does the plastic tub of it fit in the fridge?
7:38 PM May 29th from web

So there’s another thing you can ax about, eh? Hellman’s or Kraft?

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