Reader response II: It is a little frightening to wonder what our situation on would have been without even less of us 911 dispatchers working


There are more than 30 responses to the column in today’s newspaper (linked here). These continue to be responses emailed directly to me:

== I am a Police Service Representative (PSR) for the LAPD. We are the people that answer all the incoming 911 calls from the citizens of L.A. – including those for fire and medical emergencies. However, the City Council and Mayor Villaraigosa have decided that we are to be included in the mandatory furlough program. This will mean an approximate 10% reduction in the number of 911 operators available to answer calls, and potentially a longer time to get emergency calls answered. We are also the people who work the police radios on the Dispatch side, and send the officers to calls and urgent situations, such as the one Sunday night. Many of us were working in the Dispatch Center on Sunday night, after the Laker victory, and during the rioting afterwards…I was one of them. It is a little frightening to wonder what our situation would have been with even less of us working.

“I don’t understand how the Mayor and City Council can think that helping to fund a parade is a necessary thing, but 911 operators are expendable. I also think that they need to be honest with the citizens as to where some of the budget cuts are being made, and that they are willing to compromise public health and safety even further. These concerns have apparently been brought to them numerous times, and have fallen on deaf ears.”

== ” ‘Knuckleheads’ doesn’t begin to describe these felons who looted stores in downtown LA and overturned cars. They used the Lakers victory as an excuse to go on a rampage under the guise of “celebrating” and made the city look like it was once again out of control. It wasn’t a celebration, it was a riot. As for Mayor Villaraigosa, he’s been in Providence RI attending a national conference and has unfortunately missed the festivities. If he gets back any time soon, the first thing he should do is cancel the Lakers victory parade. The city needs that like it needs another “celebration.”

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