Reader response V: All you’re doing is boosting up the stereotype in L.A.


Photo by Jae Hong/The Associated Press

A man jumps on a car as Lakers fans celebrate in downtown after Sunday’s win.

From someone who calls himself “Daniel Laker Fan” sending from his BlackBerry:

“I just read the article you posted up. And now I know why these stereotypes exist amongst minorties. Aren’t you glad to have the cover story on the today’s paper! Yes, I bet you are Mr. Hoffarth.

“With a big picture of a Latino jumping on a car. You just love to show and glamarize how we ALL act. Instead, you are just promoting, like you say in your column, ‘cutting deeper into cross section cultural and social justice problems.’ You love on how Latinos/Blacks act when something like this happens. All you’re doing is boosting up the stereotype in L.A. It’s all bull…

“You’re probably thinking I was one of those ‘thugs’ that started looting Mr. Torres’ shop. But nope your wrong, I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I think what they did Sunday night is wrong. I don’t know why they must do that. My co-workers ask me that question today. I told them, ‘I don’t know why? Why are you asking me? Cause I look like the guy on the cover of the Daily News cover story in the Sports section that Mr. Hoffarth wrote?

“Why must you exploit it? I think that is wrong!!!!!”

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  • Anthony Williams

    Daniel, Show us the pictures of the Whites and Asians that were participating in the riots…Waiting…None? Well then, just shut the hell up.