Reader response VI: Don’t reward bad behavior


== “I wanted to write you to congratulate and thank you profusely for your article. As an avid sports fan, I’m truly disgusted by Laker fans. I am a die hard Angels and Ducks fan, so I know what its like to be in a L.A .sports victory. I gladly took part in celebrating both victories for the Angels and Ducks and the most unlawful issue there was littering.

“Thank you so much for bringing this article to the eyes of readers because it seems like no one is willing to do anything about it. I understand that the Lakers are not only a team, but also a brand, and that brand is unfortunately associated with L.A. gang culture. But this is ridiculous. I fully support your recommendation of calling the parade (although that would never happen). I say send the bill to the Lakers. It’s sad that its come to this, but as a team, they need to take responsibility for their fans.”

== “Knuckleheads….how about criminals! Celebration…how about rioting and destruction! Somehow the information that I received didn’t include that our celebration was to include collateral damages. It’s sad to say, but because of a few all will suffer. In the eyes of the world, Los Angeles Lakers’ fans now look like a bunch of out of control hoodlums hell bent on destruction at any cost.

“This is your moment to shine” as Phil Jackson put it, and shine they did by the light of the ignited fires of destruction and the $100,000.00 worth of Richard Torres’ shoes and life savings.”

“In times like these, with Los Angeles on the verge of bankruptcy and behavior the likes of what was shown on Sunday, our taxpayer’s dollars would be better spent on hiring and/or keeping more policemen, firemen and teachers not on a parade. I say don’t reward bad behavior. We’re just asking for more trouble.”

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