Reader response: There needs to be consequences for people’s actions


Hans Gutknecht/Staff Photographer
People stop a light-rail train in its tracks during the Lakers celebration near the Staples Center on Sunday.

Responding to today’s column (linked here), which was a byproduct of a late afternoon blog posting on Monday (linked here), we have some reader reaction:

== “Thank you so much for your great article today. I agree 100% with you. We should cancel the parade. There needs to be consequences for people’s actions.”

== “What kind of a celebration when their team wins calls for mass destruction? I am not a fan but am really disgusted at this scene . The photograph shows a REAL JERK bouncing on a car’s hood and another BOZO to the right that looks like he is holding a new pair of shoes , probably stolen from Richard Torres. … I am a huge fan of NASCAR and we are far different than these animals in Los Angeles. You would never see anything like this by NASCAR fans, we are a family and rejoice in wins. Even if it is not our favorite driver taking a win or for that matter the championship. I think Mayor Villaraigosa should cancel the parade to prevent anymore of this foolish behavior and the Lakers should be very unhappy that their so called fans acted like they did.”

== “At least we know what the Raider fans are doing in the off season.”

== “Thank you for being so diplomatic! These punks ruin things for good people who really are proud of our city and team. Thank you again for printing the truth. I have been reading your newspaper for years and due to writers like yourself, Brian Dohn, Jill Painter, Ramona Shelburne and too many others to list I would be willing to pay for the right to read you all online. I am stuck in Tucson AZ for health reasons and you are my eyes to my home. You all do it well. Peace.”

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