Collateral for the next Laker parade: There’s $3,500 in the bank … just for the latest trophy


Look closely again at the Larry O’Brien Trophy that the Laker players were carting around town Wednesday.

What would, say, Cash4Gold give up for all that heavy metal?

Try $3,500. Give or take a nickel.

By examining photographs of the trophy, the company issued a press release today saying that “certified appraisers” estimate the trophy “might contain as much as $3,500 worth of precious metals.” The trophy weighs about 16 pounds, stands about two feet tall, and is composed of sterling silver overlaid with 24 karat gold.

Yes, that’s Jeanie Buss heading over to the UPS station, stuffing the trophy into a large envelope, and waiting for a return check.

Now, about Kobe’s MVP trophy …

A spokesman for Cash4Gold said the company “unfortunately is not able to provide an estimate on the value of Kobe’s NBA Finals MVP trophy without knowing the quality of its metal content and weight. … Kobe could mail in his MVP trophy for an appraisal, but he also has an open invitation to visit our new facility whenever he likes. We would be glad to give him a tour and use our state-of-the-art assaying equipment to provide him with a detailed assessment of his new trophy.”

That would only be necessary if he needed some quick, “my bad” jewelry purchases in the future.

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