The Media Learning Curve: June 12-19


Summer schooling begins at the Media Learning Center, despite funding cutbacks and the lure of the beach.

So we’ll keep the lessons clean and crisp. No extra credit. Just do the work, turn it in on time, and we’ll sign your probation officer’s paperwork as required by law.

This week, we educated ourselves by finding out:

== Chris Berman will have something in common with Peter Graves, Jimmy Kimmel, Bryan Adams , Ringo Starr and the Funk Brothers (linked here). It’s our guess that they’ll arrange for the ceremony sometime near the 2010 ESPY Awards, since he’s in town anyway (it’s his turn to wear the Lone Ranger outfit and hang outside the Kodak Theatre to take pictures with tourists).

== Even Mike Breen had a tough time doing his job at the NBA Finals looking at a sulking Jeff Van Gundy at his side (linked here).

== We thought Mark Jackson would make a fine USC basketball coach, but now apparently the Minnesota TimberWolves enjoyed his ABC/ESPN NBA analysis even more (linked here) And if Kevin Love knows anything we’ll await his tweets. FYI: The Twolves GM, David Kahn, is a former sportswriter who started on the UCLA Daily Bruin and worked at the Oregonian.

== A willing reporter at the “Joe Buck Live” show has first-hand thoughts about what wrong when commedians attack (linked here). And for what it’s worth — and plenty, if your paying bills for HBO, Buck’s show was a much better draw than anything Bob Costas did for the network in his later years (linked here). And even more aftermath (linked here).

== What if Don Ohlmeyer is’s next ombudsman? (linked here)

== The iPhone app has the kids all a twitter (linked here)

== Check out how Johnny Miller did some old-school prep work for the U.S. Open (linked here)

== Buzz Bissinger is still creating blogger buzz (linked here)

== Hey, not to forget about this but the MLB Network is covering the latest Civil Rights Game (Chicago White Sox at Cincinnati Reds) on Saturday at 4 p.m. with Victor Rojas and Harold Reynolds.


== One last look at the blondes in blue from ABC’s coverage of Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Orlando:

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