A night at the races, Hollywood Park style


Once upon a time, it was much easier to round up the boys, scrape up some loose change, and make the commitment to head out to one of the area’s majestic venues and pretend, after carefully decoding all the charts in the newspaper, there was a method in guessing which particular jockey would guide a 2,000-pound genetic beast into one of the top three spots and earn me 40 cents on my $2 bet.


How does the sport of kings embed itself into my regal lifestyle these days?

Hollywood Park’s “Fan-tastic Fridays” of $1 beers and hot dogs, plus a live concert afterward by bands with some recognizablity, has been trying to cultivate a new breed of fans for years now. But as the park seems to be waiting for a wrecking ball to take it all down, these promotions seem to be past their prime.

We’re looking more into with today’s column (linked here), while still enjoying a night on the town, even if it means throwing good money after good money in an attempt to win that 40 cents back.

The crowd Friday night was about 8,000 strong to see the eight races plus the English Beat. A month ago, about 14,000 turned out for Steel Pulse, pictured below:

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